Prep for Go Live

Tasks You Will Need to Complete
Before you go live, it is important to get your website ready for public viewing by taking the following steps:
  • Hide blank pages - In the event you have pages that are still blank before you take your website live, you will want to hide them. Hiding the page prevents your users from stumbling upon a page that is blank and becoming frustrated. It is important that you hide the page as opposed to unpublish the page. If you unpublish the page, this will cause broken link errors for your users.
  • Remove guest rights from your intranet - The intranet section of your website can be an invaluable tool for you and the rest of the staff members using your website. However, you do not want to allow your regular website visitors to access this section of your website. To prevent your users from entering your intranet, you will need to remove guest rights to that section. Please note that this will not limit your ability to access this section. Anyone that has permission to work on the back end of your website will still be able to view and edit this section.
  • Unpublish CP-Training categories from your modules - Your new CivicPlus website came with some default training entries in your modules to assist during training. Before going live, you will need to unpublish these items to hide them from users. (Note: Do not delete these training items as you may want them for future reference.)
Download a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process of preparing your website to go live.