Local Cost of Business

Perks of Westmont
Westmont provides your business access to the perks of a major city, without the cumbersome constraints that can cut into your bottom line and dissuade customers and clients from patronizing your business. Though located between major arterials, Westmont businesses aren’t hampered by the high amounts of traffic congestion in the central city core that limit productivity and transportation.
Parking in Chicago can be expensive, impeding business; exceeding $30 per day. Businesses in Westmont, their employees, clients, and visitors all enjoy free parking in public parking areas. No hassles, no pre-planning on how to navigate to your business, arrive at your destination, and more operatively, stay there. No extra costs or municipal hoops; just you and your business’s operations.

Competitive Tax Rates
Westmont’s commercial and residential property tax rates are very competitive. The local property tax in Westmont is .  Westmont’s sales tax also remains among the lowest in the Chicago metro area at 7.75%, compared to 9.75% Chicago, while Westmont’s hotel tax is only 5%, compared to Chicago’s 14.9%.

More Information
For more information about the cost of business and taxes in Westmont, please contact Larry Forssberg at 630-824-9337 or via email.