Westmont Economic Development Partnership


  • First Wednesday of each month
  • 9 a.m.
  • Village of Westmont Village Hall
    31 W. Quincy St.
    Westmont, IL 60559

A community calendar is available online

Village Hall Gates
The Westmont Economic Development Partnership provides an array of business relocation, expansion, and retention resources and services. The scope of the services includes:
  • Giving descriptions of available commercial buildings, including office and retail space available in Westmont
  • Leading coordinated tours of available sites, conducted by our development team or a designated broker
  • Making introductions to area banks, accounting firms, attorneys and other resources, as needed, to help you with the tools to do business
  • Networking with local, county, state, and federal government leaders
  • Providing access to financial incentives offered by local, county, state and federal government, to get you started
  • Providing business intelligence solutions: demographics, and labor market information, to help you strategize
  • Providing information about housing and associated costs, so you can settle in and make Westmont home.
  • Providing information and guidance on zoning, permitting, and other municipal requirements, to help you set up shop
  • Providing information on rates for utilities and transportation services, to fuel your business